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As described under MDI project structure, using the MDI requires access to both:

  • the project frameworks
  • the tool suites you’d like to use

Multi-suite installation

We recommend the flexibility of an ‘mdi-centric’ installation, which allows you to run many tool suites from one installation. The installation sequence is:

  1. install the MDI
  2. load tools suites into your installation

Please see the corresponding tabs for details.

Single-suite installation

You can also run just one tool suite from its own ‘suite-centric’ installation. Doing so is marginally easier since the MDI frameworks and tool suite are installed together, but you might end up with multiple parallel installations. Here, the installation sequence is:

  1. clone the tool suite repository
  2. run the suite’s script

Details will be provided on the GitHub and/or documentation page of the suite you wish to use.

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