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Follow these instructions to create a multi-suite MDI installation, complete with managers, frameworks, and tool suites.

Clone the MDI repo

From the command line of a Linux server:

git clone

Run the installation script

cd mdi

Please read the menu options and confirm your installation choice. A full installation including Stage 2 apps will take many minutes to complete.

OPTIONAL: Create an alias to the utility

The following commands will create an alias to the mdi utility in your new MDI installation for easy access from any folder.

./mdi alias --alias mdi # change the alias name as needed
`./mdi alias --alias mdi --get`

The second command activates the alias in the current shell also - or simply log back in.

You could also edit your profile to modify $PATH, but we prefer aliases since we often maintain multiple MDI installations that we refer to by different alias names.

Configure and install tool suites clones the MDI frameworks but few actual tools. To install tools from any provider, first edit file ‘config/suites.yml’ in the ‘mdi’ root directory.

# mdi/config/suites.yml
    - GIT_USER/SUITE_NAME-mdi-tools # either format works

Then call again to clone the listed repositories and install any additional R package dependencies.

Alternatively, run the following from the command line:

mdi add --help
mdi add -s GIT_USER/SUITE_NAME-mdi-tools # either format works
mdi add -s